At Follonico we invite you to experience four different environments in which to enjoy the four seasons of Tuscany. Take pleasure from the taste, the smell and, not least, the colours that characterise the passage of time. Firstly - space.

The suites sizes range from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 48 square metres, all complete with ensuite bathroom. All our suites have an independent entrance with direct access to/from the garden.

All our beds are dressed with high quality artisanal linen produced by one of the most ancient fabric producers of Tuscany, the world wide known firm Busatti.

Introducing the efficiency and comfort of modern technology to our centuries-old farmhouse, each suite has been equipped with Lan Network (free internet), temperature control and a "raindance" shower. Each bed has a spring-independent mattress and there is a selection of pillows of different firmness and height to soothe you to sleep. This is only the beginning - there is much more that we invite you to discover for yourself.

Enjoy your stay at FOLLONICO, in an environment created from a respect for tradition.