Being tired of wasting our lives in commuting and city traffic, 10 years ago Suzanne (Dutch) and Fabio (Italian) felt it was time to give the right value to their lives and making FOLLONICO has been the right opportunity.

2 years of searching, more than 60 properties visited, 3 years of works to transform a ruin into FOLLONICO. There is only one word to describe your host (Us): PASSION!

Of course it wasn’t always so easy, highs and lows have been part of the journey and still are. But PASSION makes the difference, a huge difference.

Since the day we started this project most of the people we met on our way thought we were going in the wrong direction. The fact was that we were not following the stereotype of restoration that most of the people followed.

So now we are happy to share our story (NOT ALL OUR STORY!) with our amazing guests at FOLLONICO.

Only if you are pushed by passion can you do what was needed to create FOLLONICO and share it with others.